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Kitchen in a rented home

Q : I am renting a home that has a kitchen located in the Northwest part of the home. I have heard this is extremely bad. What can I do about this and if so will it be completely suppressed ?

A : Usually I would advise that you do not under any circumstance have the kitchen in the Northwest of the home. This is dangerous for the whole family but especially for the patriarch. If however you do not have a choice, due to not being able to renovate because it is a rented property, then paint the kitchen BLUE to suppress the fire energy here. And if you can, do not cook with an open flame here. And place a large urn filled with water in the NW corner of the kitchen.


Avoiding Marriage in Tragedy Year

Q : Is it true that if someone in the family has just passed away, it is not suitable to have a marriage in that year ? what if the marriage date cannot be changed ?

A : Usually, as respect to the deceased, it is recommended that you do not get married in the same year as the passing of someone in the family. However, there are others who say that as long as you marry within 100 days from the day that the deceased is buried, it is acceptable.

I would recommend that you follow the 100 days rule. According to the old folks if you do not then you will have to wait three years. All of this of course applies only if the deceased is a direct elder such as a parent or a grandparent.


Hanging Bells on doors

Q : I am confused about where to put the bells on my door. Is it outside the front door or inside ? I had it inside and a friend said that it should be outside. I also have 3 coins tied together with a red ribbon inside my front door. Is this right ?

A : Your bells should be hung on the outside of your front door, while the three coins should be hung inside your front door. The meaning is that the bells attracts in the good chi with its yang, tinkling sounds, and once the fresh energy has entered your house, it brings you wealth and prosperity luck symbolized by the three coins. This is a simple but powerful energizer and every house should have it.



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