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Crystals for healing


The power of crystals should not be underestimated as they provide a holistic approach to restoring wholeness, balance and health to emotions, mind, spirit as well as the physical body.

Crystals contain a number of special properties and interact with the electromagnetic field around our body ( aura ) in many different ways, resulting in a unique vibration.

For health, any black-colored stone worn especially on the right hand of the wearer, like black tourmaline, rainbow obsidian or onyx takes negative energies out of the body.

For headaches, use amethyst, charoite or amber. Any yellow-colored stone such as citrine, amber or yellow tourmaline is recommended for digestive problems.

Women can look forward to wearing a smoky quartz crystal to minimize the effects of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Try ammonite or citrine if you want to have a lucky aura around you!

To attract someone you admire, try rhodocrosite, pink tourmaline or rose quartz.

A pair of Mandarin ducks placed near the bedside is known to promote harmony in a relationship.

However, if your heart has been broken, the healing powers of rhodocrosite, ruby or rose quartz can help to mend it !

To solve difficult problems in the office, try using green phantom, peridot or aventurine and for better concentration at work, opt for amethyst, flourite or any clear crystal.

If your job requires a lot of creativity, use sugilite, charoite or amethyst. Amethyst is also known for reducing stress !

To improve business growth, place pyrite, citrine or peridot near the work table.



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