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Research on the Fact of Life

Through research we have come to realize that fate is made by us and it can be re-shaped. Mankind has made use of many research methods just to find the suitable ways to solve our problems.

Research on the fact of life has showed that it affects our success rate up to 20%. Family education, whether you were given help during your growing period, etc. will affect you. Whether you face problems in your career, monetary matters, marriage, health, etc. will also affect you directly or indirectly. Some other factors could affect your feeling, your idea about life, leading people to have a peculiar type of behavior, commit crime or even commit suicide.

Using our human method to solve problems:.

Our inner quality or the correct idea of life can be established through our own effort in self-cultivation, in family education, in experience gained in exposure to society, etc

Using research on fact of life to solve problems:

We can rectify the defects of our Ba Zi. Over thousands of years study has shown that Ba Zi can be corrected. We can use gems, fragrance or patterns to correct the adverse conditions so as to bring in good future in respect of marriage, performance, financial luck, etc. so that everything would go on smoothly for you

When we are going on the right path everything will turn out right and in accordance with wishes. However, when bad luck appears everything will turn out unfavorable. Hardship, failure, defect, losing of money, etc. as if it is the end of the world. Bad things come one after the other. When will such bad time be over?

Your Guide to Success PDG

Our life is full of challenge and we need some guideline to lead us through or assist us in making the right move. What is a better guide than learning from past experienced. The Chinese has been analyzing and recording human life process in a study call Chinese Astrology. The ancient Chinese has been making studies of peoples and their life process for thousand of years and record them according to each individual date of birth. With your date of birth you will be able to retrieve the life success or failure records of people with similar date of birth like yours to learn & avoid the mistake they have made. With such guide you will be able to avoid making the same mistake and have a much more successful life.



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Research on the Fact of Life

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