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Let Good Luck Be With You

When the lucky star is shining, all the good things will come your way, and the bad things will leave you. However, when bad luck falls on you it would be a totally different situation. All the obstacles, all the difficulties or unpleasant things would appear as if it is the end of the world. For all these things, are they man made? Are they fated or destined?

In life, we need to strive for what we want to obtain or achieve. We need to have a goal. However, up to 70% of us living in a state of loss. They fail to grasp the opportunity; they even spoil it. But they never realize this.

If you want to be in control of your own fate, you need to know what are those things that influence or prevent you from doing so.

Feng Shui scholars obtain the following findings after 4500 years studies:

The color and patterns of your dress: will make you look younger, more energetic, lively and aggressive.

The precious stone you wear: will give people a sense of trust, truthfulness, seriousness, stability and nobility.

The fragrance you use: will make you outstanding, approachable, friendly, easy to get along.

The shape of your spectacles, bet, watch you wear: will give people confidence trust-worthiness, acceptance and nobility.

Needless to say, you can produce the best to the eyes of others if you are able to use the above-mentioned things appropriately. Likewise, bad effects will come your way if you use them wrongly.

People who prosper or attain success in life are people who make use of these thing wisely. They make use of these things, to enable them to have a edge over the others. Success will be with you if you know how to make good use of those things. Similarly, bad luck would come your way if you use them wrongly. We must try to enjoy the edge even if it is a tiny 0.1%. However, Feng Shui studies have proved that it can enhance your success rate by 70%. Do not try to find excuses for not using the same fragrance daily or wearing the same shape precious stone everyday. People might laugh at you or tease at you. But failure and poverty are much more horrible than these.



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