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Bedroom Feng Shui Can Turn the Tide

As we spend at least 8 hours in the bedroom, its Feng Shui can thus influence us to the greatest extent. After a day's hard work and exhausted our energy, we all need a comfortable place to rest and recharge. There fore, as we can sees now, the bedroom is a place closely related to our well-being especially our mental health and our body strength.

Feng Shui statistic has it that we can obtain 70% success rate with the help of Feng Shui. Similarly, bad Feng Shui can also spoil our success rate to that extent. When our health is bad and lack of energy and strength, it is obvious that we cannot do well in our career. Rate of failure will consequently rise up tremendously.

When our career or business fails, our finances would be affected. Although money is not everything it is very important in this materialistic society. Hence, we must take care of our career and money to avoid ending up closer.

Which portion of your bedroom would exert influence on you? The room color, the color of the bed sheet, curtain patterns, and the material of the bed... all these would give us a sense of belonging, a sense of safety. Such sense of belonging will enable us to sleep well and attain good spirit. We will thus be able to have strong ability in studies, in analytical works and a sharp mind. Success can than be obtained with just half the effort.

The arrangement in the bedroom; the lamps we use; the desk; the dressing table; the position of the bed... all these can become factors influencing the dweller. They give us inspiration that would lead to foresight, helping us to have aggressiveness, sharpness. Inappropriate investment decision can thus be avoided.

Obstacles in our career would lead to chain reactions in respect of financial matters, sentiment, family problems and husband and wife relationship, etc. Feng Shui scholars have found after more than 4500 years of studies that bedroom Feng Shui does affect you without you knowing it. Therefore, if we want success in business or career we must first make sure we have the right Feng Shui in our bedroom. ..

People realize the importance of Feng Shui after making use of such knowledge. Rich people understand and believe in Feng Shui and reap the benefits from it, because they can afford to pay the heavy expenses for Feng Shui checking and adjustment. As a result, the rich will become richer whilst the poor poorer.

But we are here to offer you an opportunity to check your bedroom Feng Shui without asking you to pay a high price. What you need to do is just spend some time to re-arrange the furniture, change the curtain or bed sheet according to our report. You will then be able to attain good foresight, a sharp mind, strong thinking power and decision making ability. With the adverse effect out of the way your success rate can be raised up to 70% and above.

Things that you need to take note of when adjusting your Bedroom Feng Shui and the scope of effects :

1. The effect of Bedroom and other areas. - Loose control and cannot sustain the pressure, thus create mental pressure.

2. The problems arise on Bedroom's General Awareness. - Doing thing rash, introvert and behaviors eccentric.

3. Putting on a drawing on the Bedroom. - Having objective on doing things with step by step, and smart too.

4. The material and design of the picture frame. - Good insigne, shape and grab hold on opportunity.

5. Correct measurement on placing a picture. - Easy reaching your wish and objective.

6. Incorrect animal model in the Bedroom. - Affecting a person lazy and no inspiration, slow reaction. .

7. Correct type of animal model in the Bedroom. - Affect the occupant's study and judgment.

8. Pet that raises in the bedroom. - Affect a person's mood and bad character.

9. Correct types of plants in the Bedroom. - Affect a person to have good judgment, decisive and eager to learn.

10. Types of flower in the Bedroom. - Character initiative, negative, optimistic or pessimistic.

11. Incorrect type of plant in the Bedroom. - Affect bringing in mean people from relationship, loosing friend.

12. The souvenir display in the bedroom. -Affect the result of the career and business.

13. Incorrect bedroom's wall color. - Affect a person cannot sleep thus doesn't have energy and cannot concentrate.

14. The position of the bed. - Feel homely, stable and gain trust to people.

15. The color and pattern of the bed sheet. - Letting people to have good thinking and doing thing stable.

16. The material of the bed. - Affect a person's health and energy.

17. The pattern design of the bed. - Happy sex life and family life.

18. The color choosing of the bedroom's curtain. - Doing things strict, sincere, and substantial.

19. The pattern and design of the curtain. - Being good treat and good memory.

20. Dressing table's color and material. - Affect love affair, relationship and marriage problem.

21. The pattern design of the dressing table. - Affect income, wealth and investment problem.

22. The position of the dressing table. - Sincere, trustworthy and support.

23. Bedroom's wardrobe color and material. - Affect sociality, and family problem.

24. The pattern design of the wardrobe. - Doing thing stable, confident, endurance and strong effort.

25. The position of the wardrobe. - Leading power and excellent expression.

26. Goodman position. - Can bring Goodman in career, good reputation.

27. Fortune position. - Good investment, smooth income and money flowing in.

28. Family position. - Good health and happy family life.

29. Scholastic position. - Got initiative, strong learning ability, and easily moving up.

30. Helpful to love relation. - Smooth in career, happy marriage and both living harmony.

31. Interpersonal relation. - Be welcomed, admired and respect everywhere.

32. Intelligent position. - Career, studies improving and good achievement.

33. Inauspicious position I (career & wealth). - Bad temper moody, lack of energy, slow reaction and stupid.

34. Inauspicious position II (family, marriage & love affair). - Encounter legal problem, cheated, robbery, losing money and failure.

35. Harmful to love relation. - Divorce, problem in marriage, forsaken, lonely, setback all the time.

Managing peoples & time thru the bedroom Feng Shui

36. Goodman that help you to improve yourself. - Forecast on correct timing.

37. Mean people that brings dispute and no peaceful. - Beware on the bad timing.

38. People that help you to develop. - The best time in career succeeding and developing.

39. People that lead you to failure in your career. - Bad timing in career expenditure.

40. People that brings money to you. - Good timing in making money.

41. Cause you to loose money and betraying you. - Bad timing in loosing money or being cheated.

42. People that help you overcome legal problem. - Good timing in gaining friendship and doing thing smoothly.

43. Suitable candidate to live in conjugal bliss to a ripe old age. - Good timing in getting marries.

44. Person with no loyalty, cunning and betraying you. - Bad timing in getting marries.

45. Ruin your reputation and get you into trouble with illicit love affair - Bad timing in love affair.



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