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Commercial or Office Feng Shui Smooth sailing for your career, all the way

When we work or run a business our aim is not just to attain success. We want glorious achievement; we want prosperous good life. This is easy said than done especially today when we live in a very competitive world. We could be beaten for just a little mistake or negligence; and will have no chance to make a comeback. The business arena is just like a battlefield a merciless place to say the least.

No matter how, we need to be 100% protected in the current society; else, our failure rate will increase 60%. We must not gamble. Otherwise, we may end out in dire poor state. We must do 100% prevention.

Chinese can become leaders in the world stage of commerce because they are capable to face reality. Chinese are able to make good use of the points why former people failed to alert themselves to improve and achieve outstandingly.

These are over 4500 years tested experience. The success of Chinese in commerce is a solid testimony. These are their secret of success. It was noted that your No. I enemy is yourself, not your competitor. If you do not have the courage to face your weaknesses, you have to solder the 60% failure rate. Is it worthwhile?

We can help you find out your weaknesses and reasons for failure through checking of your Date of Birth (Ba Zi) with regards to your shop or office. In that way, Feng Shui will not affect you adversely, on the contrary, it could assist you to attain a brilliant career.

Shop / Office Feng Shui and its effect:

1. Will affect you in making or losing money: Colroom wall, drawing, decorative items.

2. Will affect your success rate: Cupboard, patterns/ design of office desk, lamp types.

3. Will affect your relationship with staff: Exhibits, potted flowers or plants, etc.



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