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Prosperity, Fortune and Longevity

It is our belief that success and failure are all within our control. We have to create an opportunity or grasp an opportunity and make good use of it. We don't believe in destined matter. If everything is destined, and our fate is destined, we need not study Feng Shui on fate analysis. Even doctors would not be needed. Since everyone was destined to die, why should there be doctors?

Our ancestors realized it 4500 years ago. They started to study the weaknesses of men, their encounters and their effects, so as to tackle their related problems. They found that people would have different path of life with different personal Date of Birth (Ba Zi). Based on their study of natural phenomenal they managed to find corrective solutions up to 70% effectiveness.

They later found out further that such action could still be influenced by external happenings. For instance, when a person has an important matter at hand he might be prevented by ill-health. Our ancestors therefore started to study bedroom Feng Shui. They realized that this affect a person's performance. They made use of surrounding natural phenomenal (color, plants, patterns) to tackle bedroom Feng Shui problems. After more than 1000 years study they managed to connect the adverse effects up to a success rate of 75%.

They than realized that you need to share happiness with people around you. Your family must be happy if you want to lead a happy life. Hence, they study the kitchen the living room, the bedroom, etc. They managed to control such environmental problems up to 70% effectiveness after spending some 1500 years on them.

Statistics has shown that a person can only concentrate in his works for 6-8 hours a day. If you want a longer period of concentration, you need a better working environment. The following are their findings:

1. To remedy the shortcoming of our Date of Birth (Ba Zi): will help us to come out top and enjoy good fortune.

2. Good bedroom Feng Shui: enable us to enjoy good life.

3. Good residence Feng Shui: enable us to enjoy fortune and prosperity; happy family life with children around us.

4. Good shop / commercial lot Feng Shui: will give us good business, leading to prosperous life, fortune and glory.

It is best to start all these when the child is born as protective on connective action would produce the best possible result. The effect an adult could get might show some discrepancy. We all know that seeking treatment must be done at an early stage of illness. Don't wait till the final stage when nothing could be done. More than 4500 years Feng Shui studies have shown that prevention is better than cure. Correct your shortcoming before you fail. Maintain a progressive success while you are at your peak.



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