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What's Feng Shui ?

Ancient people called it 'Feng Shui' while the people today regard it as 'Environment'. Different terms mean the same thing. Normally, people view the environment with their eyes. They will refer the environment as a good one if they feel comfortable. Is it actually so ?

From the Feng Shui aspect, there are germs in the air though we are unable to see them with our naked eyes. We feel differently when we enter a different place due to our different body temperature at different condition. Comfort is a very personal feeling, and this feeling can be deceiving or wrong. According to Feng Shui studies, we can judge the environmental conditions of a house by measuring the magnetic field using a compass. We take the bearing variance by taking reading at an interval of 100cm (3 feet). With these variances we can determine the condition inside the house whether the condition is up to standard. We cannot judge a house condition using our eyes or feel, compass must be used.

Normally, people tend to believe that when one of the houses faced south thus the whole row of house should be facing south too. Feng Shui studies have told us that are wrong. We refer to compass magnetic North. According to the study, compass could be affected by underground metal as well as airflow, temperature, plant, the structure of the house and material used; it is known an interval of 100cm (3 feet) could produce a 60 degrees disparity. Ordinary people used common knowledge to judge a house facing direction but Feng Shui expert have to take into consideration the house geological condition; therefore, compass must be used. If the compass shows no variance in degree for the whole house that show there is no metal compound beneath the house ground. This is termed 'dead air' in Feng Shui Chi study.

Why do Feng Shui use such a term? Because our human body needs metal compound in the ground to magnetize the surrounding, and magnetic field from the center of the earth, to produce static electricity to form an equilibrium in our body. When we stay in a place that lack of metal compound, we could easily feel dizziness or unable to sleep well leading to low spirit. A prolong period of low spirit would cause failure in one's undertaking. Hence, Feng Shui experts called it "dead air". Under normal condition, an interval of 100cm should produce a variance of 0 to 3 degrees. Different variance implies different airflow that is checked by using the compass.

Different strength of magnetic field could be helpful or harmful depending on occupant health condition. We should be more aware of our "Environment". Above highlight is one aspect of Feng Shui.












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